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The Beauty Product That Makes Karina's Eyebrows A Little Less Crazy

A little gel goes a long way.
Where would I be without you? Photo: Courtesy of Eyeko

Where would I be without you? Photo: Courtesy of Eyeko

I inherited my very dark, very thick eyebrows from my dad. He got them from his father, who got it from his father, who probably got it from his, but since I'm pretty sure he lived before the advent of photography, I can't actually confirm this to be true. (I have photos to prove all the other ones.) 

So as much as I love that my brows are a living photo album of my family, they haven't always been my favorite feature; but after getting more into beauty (and developing a close relationship with my brow lady), I learned how proper shaping and grooming could keep them from taking over my face. 

I usually reach for clear brow gel to tame any unruly hairs (anything with too much pigment or bulk would swiftly bring me into Groucho Marx territory). But right now, I can't get enough of Eyeko's tinted brow gel. The subtle brunette shade — marketed as a "universal" tone that works on blondes, too — adds the tiniest bit of definition, and once it sets, the hairs stay in place all day. It's also worth noting the cone-shaped brush, which I've found helps to distribute the formula in a way that follows the natural shape and density of my brows. And with ingredients like keratin and gingko biloba, it helps to keep the hairs conditioned and healthy. 

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Eyeko Tinted Brow Gel, $25, available at Bluemercury

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