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Get Your Ears Ready: Fashionista Is Launching a Podcast

Listen to the debut episode of "4 p.m. at Fashionista" now!
It us.

It us.

These days, you can find a podcast covering just about every conceivable topic, from internet culture to the mysterious nature of Richard Simmons's whereabouts. But we felt like there was something missing: A podcast from us here at Fashionista, obviously!

Dubbed "4 p.m. at Fashionista" (for reasons we explain in our inaugural episode), this is the place our editors will discuss all of the biggest news in the fashion industry while putting our own unique spin on things. Since Fall 2017 fashion month just wrapped, it seemed only natural to start there for our first episode, "Shoot Us Into Space." Yes, that is a nod to the infamous Chanel rocket, friends.

Got something you want to hear about on "4 p.m. at Fashionista"? Have something to say about our chats? We want to hear from you. Give us a shout on Twitter — we'd love to hear from you!

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Listen to our debut episode in full below.

Homepage photo: Imaxtree

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