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Help: Do We Love or Hate This Hailey Baldwin Cover?

That's not how you use a toilet, guys.
Hailey Baldwin on "Inprint" Magazine. Photo: @haileybaldwin/Instagram

Hailey Baldwin on "Inprint" Magazine. Photo: @haileybaldwin/Instagram

We have been pretty vocal about our deep wish for magazines to stop using Instagirls as newsstand bait. Slapping a famous offspring on the cover of your magazine does not an interesting editorial make!

But today, Hailey Baldwin posted this image of her cover for Inprint Magazine — which we admittedly had not heard of until approximately an hour ago — and now we're... well, torn. In theory, this is a completely ridiculous cover. 1) Who even has those phones by the toilet anymore — it isn't 1987 — and 2) Baldwin is posed with her panties pulled down, and yet, the seat is also down. What is she doing sitting bare-assed on the toilet seat? If you have ever made this mistake — and I'm not saying I have! I'm just theorizing here! — it's pretty uncomfortable and you usually fix it immediately instead of just staying on a cold toilet lid and making a phone call. I mean, I guess there's other stuff you could do on a toilet seat? But then why wouldn't you just do it on a regular seat?

Whatever. Anyway, toilet use issues aside, Team Fashionista is having a hard time deciding how we feel about this cover: Do we love it, or do we hate it? Personally, I think the styling is undeniably pretty, and the color scheme matches the pale marbles of the bathroom. Plus, there's something genius about booking an Instagirl for a cover and doing something more than just slapping them in some fresh-off-the-runway Chanel and calling it a day. Then again, it could just be really weird. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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