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Resale Site Sees 223 Percent Surge in Ivanka Trump Inventory

Many women are trying to get rid of their Ivanka Trump brand items, it seems.
Ivanka Trump footwear on clearance at Century 21. Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Ivanka Trump footwear on clearance at Century 21. Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The health of Ivanka Trump's apparel and accessories business (from which she recently stepped down) has been the subject of many a headline since her father first took office and the #GrabYourWallet boycott took off — and difficult to determine definitively. There have been reports that claim interest in the brand increased as a result of the election, while, at the same time, department stores removed it from its shelves citing poor performance, while one e-commerce marketplace said online interest recently surged again. The story that hasn't been told is what women who already owned Ivanka Trump merchandise are now doing with it. Well, according to at least one leading online resale site, they're trying to get rid of it.

On Wednesday, Thredup, an eight-year-old fashion resale site with over $130 million in funding, released a list of brands that saw the biggest increase in inventory in 2016, the occasion being that right now is the most popular time to sell clothes online — spring cleaning and all that. In the company of a lot of activewear and athleisure brands (perhaps that bubble will burst soon?), Ivanka Trump came in at number seven, with a 223-percent increase in the rate at which items were being uploaded to the site.

"We've learned seller motivations aren't just about decluttering, but more so about refreshing their style and finding new favorites," said Kathleen Weng, VP of Merchandising at thredUP in a statement. "We also see an increase in shopping this time of year."

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But are people actually shopping this burst of Ivanka Trump inventory? Interestingly, the data varies by region. Thredup found that in New York and Los Angeles, supply has outpaced demand; in other words, the brand's popularity has declined. Conversely, in Dallas and Houston, Texas, demand has outpaced supply. And in which American city has the Ivanka Trump brand declined in popularity the most significantly? Washington, D.C., the one in which she and her family reside.

We also reached out to two competing resale sites — Poshmark and Tradesy — to see if and how their buyers and sellers' engagement with the brand has changed. While Poshmark simply declined to share this data, Tradesy said, "We do not have enough volume of Ivanka Trump branded merchandise to see true trends in listings or sales. Any spikes or dips we see are only indicative of the activity of a handful of people at most." By our count, the two sites had 2,304 and 418 Ivanka Trump items available, respectively.

So, for those people out there who are interested in buying Ivanka Trump merchandise, it's probably never been easier to get it at a very steep discount.

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