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It's Official: We've Reached Peak Lip Kit

Call it The Kylie Jenner/Pat McGrath Effect.

On Monday, we noted that lip kits — most often a combination of lipstick and liner in coordinating shades — are becoming even more ubiquitous. Kylie Jenner may not have been the first to launch a lip kit, but she certainly was the loudest. And not long after the overwhelming, break-the-internet success of her version, it seemed that the lip kit was quickly becoming the dominant priority for every single beauty brand. No one could get it to market it fast enough.

In August, Pat McGrath launched her own iteration: dazzling loose glitter paired with metallic pigment, clear gloss and coordinating lipsticks. Then essentially every other brand followed suit. ColourPop, MAC, Tarte, Bite, Benefit (which combined a lipstick and liner fused together in a single bullet), Huda Beauty, The Honest Co., Marc Jacobs Beauty and Lipstick Queen all jumped on board the lip kit train (and, in all honesty, I'm probably missing a few with that list). And it makes plenty of sense — it's impossible to imagine a better way to spark a beauty product trend than to have super-influencers Jenner and McGrath both create (and enthusiastically promote) their own takes on it.

But there's a chance all of this lip-induced hysteria is going too far. On Tuesday, Topshop posted a video teasing its own lip kits on Instagram (see above). In said clip, one thing has become abundantly clear: It's March of 2017, and that means it's pretty damn difficult to create a lip kit that doesn't look like it's a complete rip off of another brand's. Topshop's version seems to co-opt both Jenner's "lip kit" concept in general and (more egregiously) McGrath's glittery take on it. We've reached Peak Lip Kit, and it's just not new anymore, guys. Sorry.

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