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11 Stylish Russian Influencers to Follow on Instagram

These are the celebrities and cool girls we spotted out and about at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.

A typical scenario at fashion week in Moscow goes a little something like this: photographers huddle around the outside of the Manege, the official venue for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia's runway shows, to capture the best street style looks, while inside, showgoers constantly have their smartphones propped up for a #selfie or to document the latest look making its way down the catwalk. Sure, sounds similar to the scene at any major fashion week city, but as the third most-geotagged city on Instagram in 2016, Moscow's love for the photo-focused platform runs especially deep.

While we covered the Fall 2017 collections in March, we came across a few fashionable influencers, from celebrities to all-around cool girls, out and about during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. Read on to learn more about them — and don't forget to hit the "follow" button.

Anastasia Volkonskaya-Reshetova (1.2M Followers)

Anastasia Reshetova, a 2014 Miss Russia runner-up, made a few appearances during the most recent season of MBFW Russia, walking for Bella Potemkina and Yasya Minochkina, as well as attending the Firdaws show at the Petroff Palace. In addition to modeling, the 21-year-old has a few business projects on the side as well, including her Moscow-based beauty clinic Anatomia and a custom vintage clothing line called InHype.

Nastasya Samburskaya (8.6M Followers)

Although 30-year-old Natasya Samburskaya is known for her acting chops — she stars in the hit television show "Univer" — she also dabbles in fashion, having opened Bella Potemkina’s runway show at MBFW Russia. Samburskaya is a singer, too, and has been releasing music since 2012. Talk about a triple threat. 

Masha Minogarova (535K Followers)

Masha Minogarova, who kicked off her modeling career as a finalist for Russia's first season of "Top Model," was seen at MBFW Russia walking for designers Bella Potemkina and Goga Nikabadze. Follow Minogarova on Instagram for her on-the-go for modeling gigs, off-duty time with friends and the occasional funny, unfiltered post.

Maryana Ro (3.4M Followers)

Before Bella Potemkina's runway show, Maryana Ro took over the designer's Instagram for some pre-show #content — and with good reason: The social media star boasts more than 8M followers on Instagram and YouTube collectively. When it comes to personal style, this Cool Teen™ (she's 17) has a penchant for streetwear, merch and athleisure.

Liza Gysévskaya (41.8K Followers)

Liza Gysévskaya, a 19-year-old blogger from St. Petersburg, caught our attention every day at MBFW Russia for her cool, coveted outfits. (No wonder she runs her own vintage shop called Comme une Fille.) Plus, we spotted her dancing nonstop at the Saint-Tokyo after party. Be our friend, please?

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Anyuta Rai (2.3M Followers)

After noticing Anyuta Rai front row at the MBFW Russia spring 2017 shows, there isn't much about her online, aside from her highly followed Instagram account. The young model has the usual social media trappings of an Influencer feed: mirror selfies, cute tiny animals and a lot of photos at the beach. Do you think she's going to Fyre Festival?

Marie Kitsova (85.2K Followers)

Marie Kitsova is a self-proclaimed "It" girl, a Junior Editor for the fashion website Lisaveta and a YouTuber. (Check out her latest video on her street style looks here.) What we like about Kitsova is her easy ability to switch up her style across the fashion spectrum, from super trendy and polished to casual-and-cool sportswear.

Kristina Si (1.8M Followers)

Though Kristina Si is making waves in Russia with her debut album that was released last year, the 26-year-old singer’s appearance at fashion week in Moscow was fairly low-key. (She also walked for designer Yasya Minochkina.) We loved her laid back look while she attended Ketione's runway show, which consisted of a no-fail combo of jeans, a T-shirt and a leather jacket, along with a top knot, hoop earrings and a pair of Stan Smiths.

Kristen (105K Followers)

Kristen, who's been running her fashion website Vogue Diary since 2015, kept MBFW Russia's street style photographers on their toes with her edgy ensembles. If you are ever in need of some sartorial inspiration — with a touch of badassery — then she's your match. 

Alena Vodonaeva (1.7M Followers)

You couldn't miss Alena Vodonaeva at MBFW Russia as she sat front row at the Bella Potemkina show dressed in a white faux fur coat nearly twice her size and a pair of shiny thigh-high boots in burgundy. It was full-on glamour for the 34-year-old journalist, model, television presenter and blogger, which is what you'll expect after following her on Instagram, too. 

Katü Mikeicheva (74K Followers)

If Katü Mikeicheva was featured by Vogue's street style photographer not once, not twice, but three times during MBFW Russia, then she must be doing something right. Not only does the Moscow-based influencer know how to put a great outfit together, Mikeicheva is also the owner of Misha 4 Sure, a fashion-forward eyewear line.

Disclosure: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia paid for my travel and accommodations to attend and cover the event.

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