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Saint Laurent Is Under Fire for the 'Degrading,' Too-Thin Model in Its Spring Ad Campaign

Photo: @ysl/Instagram

Photo: @ysl/Instagram

Call it déjà vu: Saint Laurent has once again become the subject of controversy surrounding recent imagery from its Spring 2017 campaign, just two years after an ad starring model Kiki Willems was banned in the U.K. over concerns that she was "unhealthily thin." The two images in question are being criticized by France's advertising regulatory body L'Autorité de Régulation Professionnelle de la Publicité (ARPP) after accusations that the two images in question are "degrading" to women, as originally reported by Reuters

The campaign features model Fernanda Oliveira in roller skates and fishnets; in one image, above, she's photographed lying down with her legs semi-crossed and splayed open, while in the second, below, she's seated in a chair with her crotch barely hidden behind her arm. "We asked the brand and the ad displayer to make changes to these visuals as soon as possible," ARPP head Stephane Martin told Reuters, adding that the ads failed to uphold "dignity and respect in the representation of the person." (This isn't a new occurrence; Calvin Klein's Spring 2016 ads were also heavily scrutinized after a campaign image featuring an up-skirt shot of actress Klara Kristen went viral.)

In addition to claims over less-than-tasteful depictions of women, the ARPP is also claiming that — as was the case during Spring 2015's debate — the model's thin frame might also be sending the wrong message to young women and teenagers who could feel pressure to adhere to a unhealthy body image. Whether or not Saint Laurent agrees to modify the ads is TBD, but we'll be sure to update this post as the story develops. 

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Photo: @ysl/Instagram

Photo: @ysl/Instagram

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