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Hey, Quick Question: Why Does This Backless Baseball Cap Exist?

We love a high pony as much as the next person, but still.
When you have a pickup game at 7 but a fancy date at 8. Photo: Spony

When you have a pickup game at 7 but a fancy date at 8. Photo: Spony

Welcome to our column, "Hey, Quick Question," where we investigate seemingly random happenings in the fashion and beauty industries. Enjoy!

Have you ever found yourself thinking, "Boy, I would really love to throw on a baseball cap — but I have a wedding to go to! How am I going to accommodate this fancy updo and my desire to look casual?"

Well, have we got news for you: Some fine folks have addressed your desire to wear a baseball cap to formal events and created the Spony, a baseball cap, which opens up at the back to free you from the tyranny of the simple ponytail, or, god forbid, hat hair. (The brand also recommends opening the flaps if you need ventilation.) The Spony was reportedly inspired by an episode of Oprah. We're not clear on which episode, but then, we're not super-clear on much surrounding the Spony. Exactly how many people are trying to wear a baseball cap with an updo? Could people not just wear a visor, as myself and so many of my comrades did throughout middle school? 

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Whatever the reason, the Spony is here and it retails for $25. Confused about how the Spony works? Fret not: There's a video. 

You see, the back simply separates via a Velcro closure and folds into itself, allowing you to "Enjoy the freedom!" of wearing a baseball cap with your top knot. You could also just wear it closed, but then you would just be wearing a baseball cap, and what are you, a farmer?

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