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These Earrings Are The Embodiment of Whitney's Warm-Weather Longings

Where you at, sunshine?
Tassel earrings, $60, available at Often Wander

Tassel earrings, $60, available at Often Wander

Just because the fashion calendar has us talking about Fall 2017 already does not mean I am ready to bypass spring/summer. Having spent four years living in Chicago, one of which included a polar vortex, I generally consider myself pretty decent at surviving winter. But last week, New York City was treated to one glorious day of 70 degree weather that was so convincingly spring-y that I actually shaved my legs in anticipation of being able to show them to the world again soon. I found myself imagining long Saturdays spent lounging in the park and bike rides to my favorite ice cream shop. Warm weather was coming! I could literally feel it on my skin!

And then we plunged into under-10-degree weather about four days later. Thanks for the tease, Mother Nature.

Unfortunately, I can't do anything to hasten warmer weather, and with the global warming situation on our hands I know wouldn't actually want to. Still, the longing has surfaced and it's not going away, so right now I'm indulging it by imaging all the non-wintry things I will wear as soon as I can. These handmade-in-the-U.S. earrings from Often Wander are on the top of my list. The bright tassels remind me of the kind of thing you'd see walking down the beach on a blindingly bright day in Sardinia, Italy, and the further we get into the year, the more that sounds like the perfect thing to me. Warm weather, I'm waiting for you.

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Tassel earrings, $60, available at Often Wander.

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