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Nike, H&M Named World's Most Valuable Apparel Brands

And Zara grabs the number-three spot from Louis Vuitton, while Marc Jacobs is the fastest-growing company on the list.
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In news that should surprise no one, Nike has retained its position as the most valuable apparel brand in the world for 2017 (even if it is starting to lose ground to Adidas and Under Armour). Each year, Brand Finance, a valuation and strategy consultancy, ranks the most valuable brands in a number of categories; it released its 2017 list of 50 apparel companies Friday morning. To determine the valuations, Brand Finance weighs not only sales and market share, but also power and strength based on factors such as marketing investment, familiarity, loyalty, staff satisfaction and corporate reputation.

Nike saw a 13 percent rise in brand value over last year (when it also topped the list) to $32 billion, which is unsurprising given some of the successful and inclusive launches it's had recently, including the self-lacing "Back to the Future" sneakers, plus-size activewear line and announcement of plans for a high-performance hijab for Muslim athletes.

The athletic brand is followed by two massive fast-fashion retailers: H&M ($19 billion) and Zara ($14.4 billion) — which is also unsurprising, given both of those companies' rapid international brick-and-mortar and e-commerce growth. Their brand value grew a whopping 24 percent and 43 percent, respectively, over the past year. Zara actually overtook 2016's third-ranked brand Louis Vuitton ($13 billion), which remains the most valuable luxury brand on the list, followed by, of course, Hermès ($8.3 million). Gucci ($6.8 million) is actually up three spots from #12 to number nine. Coach ($4.6 million) is up a few spots as well to 15, while Burberry ($4 million) and Michael Kors ($3.7 million) both moved down.

And interestingly, the fastest-growing brand on the list is Marc Jacobs, whose brand value shot up 84 percent to $1.4 million; he's number 47 on the list, compared to 57 last year. Brand Finance attributes this lift to the LVMH-owned company's restructuring decisions, including folding the Marc by Marc line into the main line in an attempt to move upmarket.

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See the top 10 most valuable apparel brands in the world below and head over to Brand Finance for the full 50.

  1. Nike, $32 billion
  2. H&M, $19 billion
  3. Zara, $14.4 billion
  4. Louis Vuitton, $13 billion
  5. Adidas, $10 billion
  6. Uniqlo, $9.6 billion
  7. Hermes, $8.3 billion
  8. Rolex, $7 billion
  9. Gucci, $6.8 billion
  10. Cartier, $6.7 billion

Homepage photo: Paloma Elsesser in Nike's plus-size collection.

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