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The 6 Spring Clothing Trends the Internet Is Most Interested in Right Now

According to Pinterest and Polyvore, mustard yellow is going to be huge.
Millennial Pink + Mustard Yellow = Very On Trend. Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images

Millennial Pink + Mustard Yellow = Very On Trend. Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images

While the onset of spring is a common time for spring cleaning and reorganizing, it's also a natural opportunity plan your wardrobe for the upcoming season. Coming up with your spring #aesthetic can be tricky though, so we looked to Pinterest and Polyvore for answers to our clothing conundrum. The community-powered websites have noticed a slew of trending looks and pieces for the warm weather season among its online users. Read on to find out what you should be wearing and shopping for now until fall rolls around.

Mustard Yellow

The deep yellow hue was made popular again by Gucci (and cosigned by Conor McGregor) when it hit the runway back in 2015 for the Italian fashion house's Cruise 2016 collection. But, as most high-end trend cycles go, the color hasn't really hit the masses until now. Pinterest recently noticed a year-over-year uptick in searches — 270 percent (!) — among its users.


This particular garment has been an “It” item for some time, thanks in part to stylish Instagirls of the Kardashian-Jenner ilk. (We'd like to give credit to Mickey's red bodysuit in the first season of "Love," too.) But perhaps the one-piece will hits its peak this summer as Pinterest experienced a 390 percent jump in searches this year.

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Off-the-Shoulder Anything

This "cold shoulder" silhouette was especially on the rise last year. Google reported a 347-percent spike in the U.S. and 261-percent spike in the U.K. in searches for tops, specifically, from December 2015 to May 2016. Pinterest has also seen a crazy 650-percent jump among its users compared to last year. And off-the-shoulder's popularity crosses the entire apparel spectrum, too. Polyvore reports that in addition to tops (which saw 44 percent year-over-year growth), users are especially interested in dresses (89-percent increase), particularly in white (up by 31 percent). Perhaps we'll be seeing plenty of off-the-shoulder dresses during wedding season?

Bell Sleeves

Another style detail that's been garnering attention is bell sleeves. According to Polyvore, searches for blouses with this sleeve are up by 123 percent, while dresses have increased by 66 percent. Though bell sleeves are heavily associated with the '70s, we'd like to think the resurgence of and nostalgia for early-aughts fashion is helping with its comeback, too.


Pinterest saw searches for bralettes increase 250 percent from last year, proving that tops with side cut-outs or any sort of drapey skin-revealing detail are on their way out. And if music festival street style is any indication, bralettes will likely be a hit during the coming warm-weather months. Victoria's Secret celebrated its own lacy version during the first weekend of Coachella.

Revamped Denim

Plain blue jeans just won't do this season. Both Polyvore and Pinterest saw a rise in denim with embellished details that run the gamut. Searches on Polyvore spiked more than 500 percent total, most especially for embroidered (428 percent) and floral (175 percent) jeans. Pinterest, on the other hand, saw its users searching for two-tone denim, which trended upwards of 381 percent from last year, as well as cropped flare jeans, up by 190 percent.

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