The Subtle, Chic One-Piece That Has Maura Drooling

I've spent months looking for that perfect black suit, and I finally found it. Huzzah!
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Araks Jamie One Piece Black, $335, available at Araks.

Araks Jamie One Piece Black, $335, available at Araks.

If you use emojis (which, yes, you absolutely do, it's 2017 and you own a mobile device), you've probably taken notice of a new one that came with your phone's latest update. Its tiny eyes and eyebrows are slanted diagonally in bliss, and it has a trace of drool spooling out of the corner of its mouth. You might've seen it used by people to comment on fried chicken or whatever, but it's also a very accurate representation of what my own face looks like when I see this swimsuit.

I've been on the hunt of a chic, just-revealing-enough black one-piece since last summer wrapped up, but I called off the search party when I came across this perfect version by Araks on Instagram. It's exactly what I wanted, as if I had manufactured it myself in a laboratory. Silhouette-wise, I was looking for something with thin straps, a low back and a scoop neckline, which is precisely what we have here; the playful, asymmetrical double strap detail is an added design bonus. The more I look at it, the more I like it — and the more I like it, the more I think about how it's an evergreen style that could (and would) last me for years to come. 

If black's not your style, it also comes in red, lavender, cobalt and a deep blue, but what could be more classic than black? If the goal is to wear it forever, this particular version won't steer you wrong.

Araks Jamie One Piece Black, $335, available at Araks.

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