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'Bachelor' Fave Corinne Olympios Is Making Bank Off Her Platinum Vagine (Tank Tops, That Is)

We talk fashion, naps and famous nannies with the reality show finalist.
Three tops by Team Corn.

Three tops by Team Corn.

Contestants on ABC's "The Bachelor" have a way of blending into one another, what with their perfectly tousled waves and slinky, glittery gowns. But if you caught any of this past season's episodes, then you know Corinne Olympios. 

Between her penchant for taking random naps, fiending for "cheese pasta" and thinking up OTT ways to woo bachelor Nick Viall, the Miami-native with the platinum vagine and the best nanny ever (shout out, Raquel!) was nothing if not memorable. We'll never look at a bouncy castle the same way again. 

But lest you thought Olympios's 15 minutes ended when she was dismissed from the long-running reality show three episodes before the finale, think again. The 24-year-old blonde has partnered up with e-tailer Riot Society on "Team Corn," a collection of tees, tanks and hats for both men and women, all featuring Corinne-isms — with a few Kanye-West-Pablo-merch-inspired pieces tossed in for good measure. 

We chatted on the phone with Olympios exactly one week after Team Corn's retail debut to find out about her new post-"Bachelor" gig, her tips for the perfect siesta, and why she truly wants to make America "Corrine" again. Our conversation, below. 

More looks by Team Corn. That's Jasmine, on the right. 

More looks by Team Corn. That's Jasmine, on the right. 

How did "Team Corn" come to exist? When did you launch? 

My manager actually knew someone at Riot Society, and they happened to be fans. We had some meetings and thought it was a great idea, so we just went with it. We launched a week ago — it was a huge success, thank god! I'm so thankful and so excited. We actually hit our month goal in 24 hours. 

Had you thought about having your own clothing line before "The Bachelor?"

Well, I think that I was always really creative growing up, so I've always wanted to do all this different kind of stuff. In high school, my friends and I, we would kind of do like, iron-on [patches] and sewing on tank tops and jackets, and I'd sometimes sell them. I was always super creative.

What's been your best-selling item so far? 

Definitely the Platinum Vagine [tank]. It's actually been freaking sold out — they just didn't want to put "sold out" on the website. It's actually been sold out for a while; it's, like, on back order. 

How did Jasmine [Goode] from your season of "The Bachelor" end up modeling for your line?

Jasmine is a good friend of mine, and I just wanted my actual friends to do the modeling. The other girl is an ex-roommate of mine. 

What's next for "Team Corn?"

We have a lot more shirts coming out this week — we're gonna definitely keep it going. We're going to do, like, a lot more stylish stuff, more than just like my sayings... like, probably coming out within the next few weeks. After that, I'm going to try and get into makeup, and hopefully a lot more things — I don't want to jinx anything. But hopefully a lot more different things are coming, and I'm really excited to share them with you guys as soon as I can!



How is Raquel [Olympios's "nanny"] handling her sudden fame?

She loves it, she's just enjoying it. I mean, she's just really happy for me. She has all the shirts, she loves them. She's really excited. 

So you're based in L.A. now, and festival season's about to kick off — are you going to Coachella? 

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Yes! I'm going to be doing a meet-up at Coachella and signing some limited edition merch for fans. 

What are your dos and don'ts of festival fashion? 

I mean, I don't like the whole flowery, flow-y dresses thing. I just think that's so cheesy. I like to just dress more comfortable, casual, cool. 

Ok, let's talk "Bachelor." Are you sick of being asked about Nick?

No, not really. I mean, I'm kind of over it, it's been like a few months now... so I'm over it. 

Have you been dating since the show ended?

Here and there. 

Everyone wants to know if you're doing "Bachelor in Paradise." Sooo...? 

I'm not sure yet.

When do you need to decide by? When does it film? 

I don't think I'm allowed to say that, actually. Sorry!

And now, the really important questions. When it comes to sushi, what's your go-to? 

I like sashimi. Sugarfish is my favorite restaurant ever — it's all over L.A. 

Describe the perfect nap.

First of all, you need to have a duvet cover. And you need two fluffy pillows. And you need no daylight in the room, and maybe, like, an extra fuzzy blanket to kind of hug. I can't sleep if any of those things are not in place. I just nap until I'm done napping — I only set an alarm if I need to be up for something after. 

How do you keep your skin so amazing when you drink so much wine and eat so much cheese pasta?

Oh my goddd, I, like, don't know! I don't know. I barely even wash my face, honestly. I literally had to just get all this face wash because my mom was yelling at me 'cause I never wash my face. So hopefully it'll look even better after I do all the face washes she's putting me on.

And last but not least: How would America be different if we made it more "Corinne" again?

It would just be more love and less hate everywhere. 

(Interview has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.)

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