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Must Read: How The Next Generation of Casting Directors is Emphasizing Diversity, Fashion Media's Secret Affair with Press-Sponsored Travel

Plus, how Karla Otto launched a PR empire.

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Friday.

Casting directors championing genuine diversity rather than tokenism are thriving
The casting directors behind up-and-coming agencies like Midland, Nii Agency and Mothermgmt rely heavily on street casting when there's not enough diversity available to them with signed models and all see avoiding tokenism as important. "It should never be a checklist," said Kevin Amato of Mothermgmt. {Business of Fashion}

Inside fashion's sometimes-shady press-sponsored travel
It's not uncommon for brands to sponsor trips or events for members of the fashion press. While that can seem like a win-win for the publication and the brand — the former gets access to write stories they might not have the resources for otherwise; the latter gets increased coverage — keeping in mind journalistic integrity and transparency can sometimes get left by the wayside. The key to keeping things aboveboard? Full disclosure on the part of publications whenever a trip is paid for by a brand. {Glossy}

PR legend Karla Otto on how she got to where she is today
The German founder one of the industry's most respected PR agencies opened up about how she first got started in fashion (it involved being model scouted as a teenager in Japan), what it was like in the early days ("I started with designers to make people understand and value what they were doing. There was no one else doing it. It was not really a proper job") and why she chose to stay independent even when Prada asked her to come in-house back in the day ("it was the toughest decision I ever had to make"). {Business of Fashion}

Adidas will mass-produce 3D printed shoes
This method of production will make limited edition shoes, smaller batch runs and even shoes individualized for a customer's specific foot shape possible at much lower prices. While traditional 3D printing can be slower and of lower quality than injection molds — which are used to make most sneaker soles — Adidas believes that its partnership with 3D printing startup Carbon will help it overcome those boundaries. {Business of Fashion}

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Meet the Gucci brothers, the London fashion scene's youngest icons
The four Claudio brothers range in age from 7 (!) to 18, but they're united by their last name and their love for designers labels — especially Gucci. After street style snaps of the swagged-out siblings began circulating post-London Fashion Week, the brothers sat down to share about their style (and explain how they're getting their hands on so many designer goods at such a young age). {Hypebeast}

New photo agency ContentExchange provides influencer-created "stock photos"
The agency licenses imagery created by influencers, making it purchasable by brands who want to use the content in their own social media feeds or platform. The idea is that publications or brands will have access to imagery that feels more "authentic" than traditional stock photos, and influencers will gain another revenue stream for the content they're already creating. {WWD}

Anna Wintour donated her sunglasses for charity
The legendary Vogue editor donated a pair of her signature shades to a charity auction connected with a one-man show in which actor Ryan Raftery, in drag, plays Wintour. The musical show depicts Wintour processing her controversial Kim and Kanye Vogue cover from 2014. Proceeds from the charity auction will benefit the Trevor Project, which provides suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth. {Page Six}

Sports Illustrated swimsuit models leave Trump Models after closure rumors
Mia Kang and Danielle Herrington are the latest to leave Trump Models as rumors of the agency's impending collapse — some speculate in as little as a few weeks — continue to circulate. Both models have joined rival agency Women/360. {Page Six}

Jeffree Star and Manny MUA respond to Black Moon Cosmetics copyright lawsuit
Black Moon Cosmetics filed suit earlier this week against Jeffree Star and Manny MUA for copyright and trademark infringement. BM claimed that the duo's collaboration essentially ripped off Black Moon's own logo and notes that fans on Twitter have pointed out the similarities between the two. Jeffree Star and Manny MUA responded yesterday with a statement claiming "the issue has been resolved" and noting that the "collaboration will launch as planned." {Allure}

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