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Kim Kardashian's Coachella-Inspired Merch Drop Includes Drug and Alcohol Paraphernalia [Updated]

This from someone who famously doesn't even drink.

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When Kim Kardashian West first launched her own line of emojis in 2015, it seemed a perfectly fitting way for the reigning queen of pop culture to continue expanding her empire. The first line of "Kimojis" featured tongue-in-cheek references to herself (i.e. the ugly-face crying and butt emojis) and her family (the Yeezy Boost 350 emoji in honor of husband Kanye West's hypebeast-approved kicks). And when Kardashian first translated those emojis into real merch last summer, the theme continued, this time with items like a phone case emblazoned with the words "Send Nudes."

Her latest merch drop, which happened midday on Tuesday, perpetuated the same cheeky attitude. Featuring plenty of tie-dye on everything from T-shirts to lighters — not to mention, pool floaties shaped like a giant butt or a speech bubble with the word "Lit" inside — the collection is certainly aimed at the festival-loving Coachella crowd. The inclusion of a flask that reads "Still drunk from yesterday," tie-dye rolling papers and lighters wouldn't seem odd in the context of festival-partying norms, if it weren't for the fact that Kardashian famously never drinks (except every few years in Vegas).

Her habit for abstaining from drugs or alcohol is one she reportedly shares with many of her family members, so much so that when sister Kendall Jenner posted a picture of a dime bag to Snapchat and captioned it, "The cutest little ziploc baggie I have ever seen," fans weren't sure whether she was actually unaware of the drug connotations the bag had. Whether Jenner was being ironic or naive, it's hard to imagine Kardashian had forgotten the incident when deciding to include a bandana designed to look like a "baggie," covered in middle finger emojis in her latest merch line.

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Perhaps more curious than the drug and alcohol references themselves, however, is the contrast they present with the recent and much-commented-on shift in Kardashian's own social media presence. After her robbery at Paris Fashion Week last year, she went quiet online, and when she returned to Instagram in full force it was to post soft-focus images that focused largely on her family, especially her young children. 

So, is this latest Kimoji merch merely a desire to stay relevant to the IDGAF brand strategy that's so popular within Instagram culture today? We're guessing these new pieces will sell quickly regardless.

UPDATE, Thurs., Apr. 20: Fresh off the first weekend of Coachella, where we can rest assured that many a Kimoji-branded butt-shaped pool float was put to good use, Kardashian is already back at it, just in time for 4/20. With everything from prayer candles to rolling papers, Kardashian's 4/20 collection is here for all your weed-ingesting needs. The pièce de résistance, however, is the $35 "Ass Tray" that we can only presume pays homage to the following lyric in husband Kanye West's "Mercy": "Roll my weed on it; that's an ass tray." Brilliant.

Click through all of Kardashian's 4/20 Kimoji gear below.

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