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Kim Kardashian and Pat McGrath Are Doing a Mysterious Thing Together [UPDATED]


Scroll down for updates to this post.

Two of the beauty world's ultimate influencers — makeup artist Pat McGrath and Kim Kardashian — are teaming up for... something.

It began last week, when McGrath posted a mysterious teaser of sorts that stated simply, "SOMEONE is COMING," and used the hashtags #McGrathMuse #DarkStar006, referencing her latest makeup launch, the Dark Star 006 collection:

On Monday, McGrath revealed in a second teaser just who that "someone" is: Kim Kardashian, one and only.

What isn't immediately clear, however, is... well, anything else. The Instagram post is a video clip that shows the words "Someone is coming Pat McGrath Labs Dark Star 006" on a constant scroll, as dialogue from "Snow White" plays in the background. "Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" the voice asks, and then when it gets to "reveal her name," it shows a brief shot of Kardashian in full smoky eye, staring off into the distance.

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McGrath's caption provides a bit more context: 

"See the INSTANTLY ICONIC World Premiere of #InTheMirror starring #McGrathMuse@KimKardashian in #DARKSTAR006 Versions: UltraSuede Brown and Dark Matter with music by @KanyeWest 🖤🖤🖤TOMORROW at 7PM, EXCLUSIVELY on E! News. ⚡️⚡️⚡️ #patmcgrathlabs006#KimKardashian #makeupbypatmcgrath"

So it would seem that this project is a short film of some kind — possibly the first-ever commercial for Pat McGrath Labs, which famously hasn't advertised outside of social media because it hasn't needed to (the limited-edition collections routinely sell out). Guess we all have a pretty solid reason to watch E! News tomorrow night.

UPDATE, Tues. Apr. 4: The full video was released on E! News, as well as on McGrath and Kardashian's personal websites, on Tuesday. It features Kardashian applying makeup — specifically a glittery silver, smoky eye, which E! refers to as a "full-on Evil Queen" look — to Kanye West's "Street Lights." The video's purpose is, indeed, to promote the makeup artist's latest launch from Pat McGrath Labs, Dark Star 006. You can watch the full video on

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