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The Bra Whitney Wants to Wear in the Movie of Her Life

If fashion is about fantasy, I'm going to fantasize my way into being someone who wears pretty things around the house.
Effie Midline Bra, $95, available at Lonely Lingerie.

Effie Midline Bra, $95, available at Lonely Lingerie.

You know that recurring scene in romantic comedies where the female protagonist gets home from work, takes off at least half her clothing and proceeds to waltz around her living space half-naked? This moment is always predictably followed by her hot neighbor/mailman/janitor coming to the door so she just has to answer it in her gorgeous lace underthings and perfectly fitted pants. I don't even need the mailman's miraculous timing to convince me that these scenes are the stuff of imagination. All I need to see is a girl who doesn't wipe off her lipstick and unhook her bra the second she gets home.

As laughable as that scene may be, there is something kind of lovely about the moment before the love interest shows up, when the woman is alone in her apartment, wearing things that make her feel beautiful. If the story of my life were to be made into a movie, I sincerely hope it'd be anything rather than a rom-com, but if it had to be some gushy love story, I hope I'd be wearing this chartreuse bra from Lonely Lingerie in that scene. Lonely makes gorgeous things with a strong commitment to ethical manufacturing, which I'd like to believe even a fictional character version of myself would consider a priority. And you know what? This bra is so pretty I might just consider adding it to my roster IRL, hot neighbor or not.

Effie Midline Bra, $95, available at Lonely Lingerie.

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