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Maria's Modular Barbell Earrings

Time to give my hoops a break.
Sparv Circle Earring, $33, available at Tictail.

Sparv Circle Earring, $33, available at Tictail.

Ever since I purchased a pair of gold hoops from Catbird, I never looked back. I bought more in various sizes and even a trendy pair that reminds me of Sade's signature hoops. Every day, I'd alternate between the five options that I currently own. Hoops, hoops, hoops, all day, every day.

But it's time to give them a break. Or at least switch things up a bit from time to time. That's where the newest earrings to my collection come in. 

I came across this particular pair by chance while browsing through the Tictail store on the Lower East Side. I had no plans to purchase new jewelry, but after trying them on, I was hooked. Though they're called "Circle Earrings," they remind me more of barbells, a refreshing alternative to the circular shapes that regularly hang from my earlobes. Plus for only $33, I consider these 18-karat-gold-plated earrings a total steal. I also feel good about supporting an independent designer's work, which, in this case is Swedish designer Charlotta Brorsson, who launched her brand Sparv in 2014.

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What's cool, too, about these earrings is that they're made up of two parts, which means you can separate the barbell and wear them as simple studs if you wanted. I probably won't, but hey, the pendulum of fashion likes to swing toward its polar opposite, so at least I have the option, right?

Sparv Circle Earring, $33, available at Tictail.

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