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23 Nail Polishes To Wear and Love This Spring

Come on, get happy!
The nail look from Tanya Taylor Fall 2017. Photo: Imaxtree

The nail look from Tanya Taylor Fall 2017. Photo: Imaxtree

Even if Mother Nature hasn't received the memo yet, it's still officially spring, which means that it's time to retire those dark, broody nail polishes and start fresh for the season.

Some major nail trends we've been noticing for spring include look-at-me bright colors, mood-boosting pastels and a resurgence of metallic finishes. In other words, polishes that make you feel good. "I'm so happy that brights are back in style," says editorial manicurist Madeline Poole, who is also Sally Hansen's Global Color Ambassador. "I'm really bold with color. I wear a lot of bright sky blue, and I love yellow and tomato red, periwinkle and lavender." (A current go-to for her? Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Let's Get Digital, which combines two of our spring trends — brights and metallics — for one very cool holographic result.) 

"Brights are definitely a hot trend for spring," says Mary Lennon, co-founder of Los Angeles-based nail salon and polish brand Côte along with Leah Yari. "We love No. 71 this time of year. It's a happy, periwinkle shade that is surprisingly easy to wear. It's a fun peekaboo on your toes, or a little more of a statement on your hands." Jin Soon Choi, an editorial manicurist who is also the founder of her own spa and nail polish range, seconds that: "Spring and summer are always fun times to try new and different polish shades that you wouldn't normally try," she says. "Wearing a bright color on a sunny day will put a smile on anyone's face — I love bright pastels [because] they're very easy to wear and add a pop of color to any occasion or outfit."

On the topic of metallics, both experts had lots to say on their return for spring. "I love metallics and I think there's such a huge world of metallic shades that aren't explored," says Poole. "Wearing a metallic turns your nails into little jewels, and I love that as an accessory." Meanwhile, Lennon points to Côte No. 13 as a must-have for the coming months. "The rich, shiny rose gold looks fabulous on every skin tone," she says.

Scroll through the mini galleries below to check out 23 nail polishes to add to your manicure arsenal ASAP.

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