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The Perfect Minimal Raincoat Whitney Wishes She'd Worn to Work Today

Also known as "how to look chic instead of feeling like a drowned rat every time it pours."
Mosebacke raincoat, $585, available at Stutterheim

Mosebacke raincoat, $585, available at Stutterheim

Considering I grew up in a tropical place where it rains all the time (at least once a day, during typhoon season), you'd think I'd know my way around rain gear. Alas, the opposite has been true for most of my life: In my hometown, the rain is so warm (and driving everywhere is so common) that I somehow managed to go my entire life pre-college without owning a proper raincoat. It just didn't feel like that big of a deal.

Now that I'm an adult human who lives in New York City, where I walk a lot more and the rain is often cold, I'm finding my lack of appropriate waterproof gear increasingly silly. Sure, my buzzcut means I don't have to worry about rain resulting in a bad hair day, but still. Why don't I own a single umbrella that's not partially broken? Why are all of my coats and jackets made of highly absorbent materials like denim and wool? I've got the boot thing down, but only because the thrifted Doc Martens I favor are pretty much tanks that I treat like rain-slash-snow boots even though they weren't created to be.

In my quest to be more rain-ready, this translucent coat from Stutterheim is at the top of my list. I first came across the brand's minimal designs when one of my fashion bro friends spent $400 he didn't have on a charcoal-colored Stutterheim jacket in college, and I've been salivating over the sweatshop-free, handmade-in-Sweden pieces ever since. If the rain in New York keeps doing what it has been the past few days, I might just have to take the plunge on one of these babies soon.

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Mosebacke raincoat, $585, available at Stutterheim

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