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16 Places to Shop For Affordable, Stylish Workwear Clothes

Cool, corporate-friendly attire that won't put a dent in your wallet.
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Behold, a workwear outfit. Photo: @uniqlousa/Instagram

Behold, a workwear outfit. Photo: @uniqlousa/Instagram

Welcome to Career Week! While we always make career-focused content a priority on Fashionista, we thought spring would be a good time to give you an extra helping of tips and tricks on how to make it in the fashion industry.

Here at Fashionista, we're lucky enough to dress up in outfits we'd normally throw on if we were outside of the office. (Those who work in a creative work environment are usually able to wear whatever they want — as long as it's presentable, of course.) And while corporate offices are leaning towards a more business casual dress code, there are still working professionals who have to maintain a wardrobe that's dedicated to their 9-to-5 routine. (Think tailored garments and modest dresses.) 

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It's a pricey obligation, especially if you're just starting out in the career world, so we've compiled a list of reliable, work-friendly stores that should comply with any budget. Most items offered from these retailers are under $200 and generally within the double-digit price range. Find out where you can stock up on affordable, stylish clothes for the office in the gallery below. 

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