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9 Calming Pillow Mists and Room Sprays That'll Help You Chill Out

Instant calm in a bottle.
Cozy and chill AF. Photo: @sundayforevernyc/Instagram

Cozy and chill AF. Photo: @sundayforevernyc/Instagram

Look, there's a lot going on in the world right now. Even if everything in your personal and work life is humming along perfectly (no need to brag about it), there's still plenty to be stressed about. In fact, even before the current political hellscape took hold, millennials had been dubbed the "most anxious generation." Cheery! 

In addition to finding a good therapist and maybe leaning into meditation, embracing different forms of self care when possible can go a long way. Perhaps you already have a routine that involves cocooning yourself in your comfiest athleisure, lighting up a blessedly inexpensive candle and pulling up your Headspace app — but might we suggest also trying a calming room or linen spray?

There's science behind aromatherapy as a means of mood alteration. According to research from the University of Maryland Medical Center, lavender "may slow the activity of the nervous system, improve sleep quality, [create a] more stable mood, [promote] better concentration and reduce anxiety." The American College of Healthcare Sciences reports that bergamot can be a powerful mood-booster, while clary sage can promote a sense of clarity and contentedness. Perhaps that's why the latest home fragrance trend has been aromatherapeutic mists meant to be spritzed in the air or directly onto your linens to promote various types of ~positive vibes~. In the gallery below, we've culled our nine favorites — all of which you can shop right now.

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