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This Beautifully Made Handwoven Bag Is the Latest Object of Maura's Affection

Plus, 10 percent of the brand's proceeds go to Nest, a nonprofit that supports global artisans.
Bembien Harper Bag, $185, available at Bembien.

Bembien Harper Bag, $185, available at Bembien.

For the last few summers, my go-to bag has been a woven leather crossbody that used to be my mom's that, I thiiiiink, she had gotten as a gift from her mom. It's roomy and works for a number of occasions (and the sentimental aspect is nice, too), but I feel like I'm ready to add a second option to the rotation. I was first introduced to Bembien, a line of woven bags handmade by artisans around the world, in April, and realized immediately that this Harper Bag was The One.

I've been on the hunt for a similar woven bag (of straw or another similar variety) since last fashion month after I started seeing my favorite chic people carrying them. I really appreciate how classic and timeless they are, and that you'd certainly be able to invest in a great one that could carry you through the next however many decades — and then, perhaps, pass it along to someone else. The story behind the brand is one I appreciate, too: Founded by former Vogue editor Yi-Mei Truxes, Bembien is a supporter of Nest, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that supports the social and economic advancement of global artisans, and donates 10 percent of its proceeds to the cause. Coming on the heels of Fashionista's recent Sustainability Week, that sounds like an especially sweet deal to me.

Bembien Harper Bag, $185, available at Bembien.

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