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Harry Styles Looked Ridiculously Good in His Latest Gucci Suit on 'The Late Late Show'

The singer turned up in an especially dapper look for an appearance with James Corden.

ICYMI, Harry Styles is adorable and very good at wearing Gucci clothing. JK, you obviously already knew both of those things, because you are a Fashionista reader. Styles stopped by "The Late Late Show" to hang out with fellow stylish Brit James Corden, participate in some fun sketches and games as late-night-show guests do and, of course, perform some of his latest material. And in true Styles fashion, he did so while clad in an excellent embroidered Gucci suit.

Styles has been a walking Alessandro-Michele-wrapped dream throughout many of his public appearances lately, and we're taking every moment to revel in his stylishness (Styles-ishness?). So, luckily, "The Late Late Show" gave us plenty of material to watch on repeat.

First up, there's the game portion of the show, during which Styles (thankfully) manages not to get any tea on his precious Gucci lewk:

Then there's interview segment, during which Styles talks about his first stage dive and gives a glimpse at his impressive ring collection with lots of gesticulation:

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And finally, here he is, again, wearing the same look while performing his lead single "Sign of the Times" and making everyone everywhere swoon: 

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