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These Embroidered Floral Sneakers Would Win MVP of Whitney's White Shoe Collection

Talk about putting a spring in your step.
Rose Couture sneakers, $654, available at Josefinas. Photo: Courtesy of Jesfinas

Rose Couture sneakers, $654, available at Josefinas. Photo: Courtesy of Jesfinas

When I first read "Women in Clothes," a book which has turned out to be perhaps my favorite piece of fashion-y literature ever, the photo sets it contained featuring multiple versions of essentially the same item belonging to one person seemed strange to me. How on earth did one woman end up with 13 navy blazers or 19 striped shirts?! I would never do anything of the sort, I was sure.

And while my attempt to buy less but better means I probably really won't ever end up with that many versions of the same thing, I've been surprised to realize that I do have the instinct toward hoarding staple pieces in multiples. See, for example, my white shoe collection: I have casual canvas high tops I wear multiple times a week, a pair of sequin-covered white-and-silver sneakers for when I'm feeling fance and some Stella McCartney-esque flatforms that I thrifted for when I need to look a little more professional.

In spite of all those pairs, however, I've still been salivating over this embroidered set from Josefinas for a few months now. The sporty practicality of the sneaker is a nice balance to the frilly femme florals, and the combination is something that would make any outfit more special. Plus, the brand works with women artisans in Portugal who hand-embroider the roses as part of an attempt to keep an oft-undervalued traditional art form alive. In short: I think I've got enough good excuses to add these to my white shoe roster, right?

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Rose Couture sneakers, $654, available at Josefinas.

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