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Kendall Jenner Has Inevitably Signed an Adidas Contract

Because you're not really an Instagirl without an athletic contract, are you?

Before we begin, let's have a little crash course in social media-savvy models who've recently inked deals with athletic brands, shall we? Bella Hadid is the new face of Nike, while her boxing-obsessed sister Gigi signed with Reebok in 2016. Puma, which has amassed some of entertainment's hugest names as collaborators in recent years (think Rihanna and The Weeknd), has Cara Delevingne on its roster, as well as beauty mogul Kylie Jenner — the latter of which caused a slight familial beef when the news broke last summer. Karlie Kloss, perhaps the OG model-turned-athlete of her generation, is with Adidas, and now, in a move that we all saw coming from several miles away, Kendall Jenner has signed on as an Adidas Originals ambassador.

The 21-year-old is clearly fit — she recently took her abs on a yacht-hopping tour around Cannes — but the obvious reason this pairing is unsurprising is due to her brother-in-law Kanye West's incredibly lucrative relationship with Adidas. In fact, his apparel and footwear are so in-demand that Adidas created an entire new team to support it and its expansion last year, in a deal that was reportedly the "most significant partnership ever created between a non-athlete and an athletic brand." West tends to keep his friends and family close, so the fact that Jenner is now on team Adidas must mean it's a happy day in Calabasas. We bet they're even breaking out the '90s photo albums!

Details on Jenner's deal with Adidas are still scarce, but we're betting that some sort of imagery and/or #merch will hit our social media feeds sooner rather than later. Because you're not really an Instagirl without a sports brand contract nowadays, are you?

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