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Dying Mall Brands Are Finding New Life and Bigger Demand Through Resale

And Crocs are a huge hit, too, according to a recent report by ThredUp.
A closed Wet Seal store in San Francisco. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A closed Wet Seal store in San Francisco. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

One shopping mall's trash is an online resale site's treasure. A recent study released by ThredUp shows that the brands from our teenage years that are calling it quits in the retail space are actually thriving within the secondhand online marketplace.

According to ThredUp, seven out of 10 mall-based brands with reported store closings are outpacing average resale growth rates. Among them are BCBG, Bebe, Guess, Abercrombie & Fitch and American Apparel, with Wet Seal as the top fastest-growing brand for secondhand shoppers. With 171 closed locations, Wet Seal's resale growth rate is 236 percent above ThredUp's baseline. As for the mall brands whose brick-and-mortars are still faring well, the pricier ones are what sell well on ThredUp, like Anthropologie and Free People, with a 20 percent higher turn than average.

Finally, in a weird twist of events, Crocs are doing super well on ThredUp. The online marketplace noticed in April that the footwear brand was resold 58 percent faster on a daily average compared to all other brands. (Interestingly enough, Crocs also released a celebrity campaign at the beginning of April in an effort to boost brand loyalty.) Over a span of three months, its 30-day sell through has increased from 67 to 90 percent, and after being listed on ThredUp, nine out of 10 Crocs sell within 18 days.

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Of course we have a lot of questions: What's the average lifespan of ownership for a pair of Crocs? Who or what is responsible for this resurgence? Is this Christopher Kane's doing? But why though? Should you have the sudden urge to get yourself a pair, too, then at least you know where to find a good deal.

To find out what millennial-focused mall brands have the biggest demand on ThredUp, see the infographic below.


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