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TheFashionSpot Reveals Users' Top Covers, Campaigns and Collections from the Past 15 Years

The cult favorite high fashion forum is celebrating its 15th anniversary by highlighting the threads its community considered to be most iconic.

If you regularly spend time lurking around the more fashion-y corners of the internet, then you're surely well-acquainted with TheFashionSpot (TFS) and its dishy, insider-y forums. Launched in 2002, the community quickly became a safe space to fangirl over models (Kate Moss, Sasha Pivovarova and Gemma Ward are among the favorites), share unfiltered opinions on seasonal magazine covers, editorials, and ad campaigns, write honest, personal reviews on designer collections, and — perhaps most importantly — discuss industry rumors, momentous news stories, photoshop disasters and potential leaks of top-secret information. 

Over the past 15 years, TFS has evolved into a top source for data and reporting — particularly when it comes to diversity in casting — but the community is still its strong suit. With a reported 71,000 members contributing to 162,820 threads (with almost 10 million posts!), the forums are constantly abuzz with impassioned debates, thoughtful commentary and declarations of pure excitement and joy from the industry's most dedicated (and well-informed) fans. To celebrate its 15th anniversary, TFS released a list of threads that were the most explosive to its users — some positive, some negative.

Read on to see TFS's most talked-about covers, campaigns, and collections, and head over to their site for the full list

Best: Balenciaga Spring 2006 runway collection by Nicolas Ghesquière

"The collection's so good it should be illegal... I love the opulent approach and the almost couture like detailing; the silhouette is mind-blowing and the interpretation and Victorian clothes, the tailoring are impeccable and original... Bravo, it was the best visual orgasm so far of the season." —kiddokiddo

Best: Vogue May 2007, 'The World's Next Top Models' by Steven Meisel

"The sheer fact that models are on the cover of American Vogue is making me excited for it to come out." —LostInNJ

Best: Miu Miu Spring 2007 campaign by Mert and Marcus (feat. Lindsay Lohan)

"Well, this just shows that anyone, celebrity or not, can model in an ad and look decent. I had absolutely no hope for her upon hearing the initial news, I admit, but now find these ads to be some of the best of the season." —seanutbutter

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Best: Louis Vuitton Spring 2008 campaign by Mert and Marcus (feat. Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova, Stephanie Seymour, Natalia Vodianova, and Claudia Schiffer)

"Oh wow, I cannot explain how fabulous the group shot is. All the models look great, there isn't one model that is more outstanding than the others." —alix*

Best: Vogue Italia July 2008, 'A Black Issue' by Steven Meisel

"What a breath of fresh air. After comments by Nick Knight regarding the difficulty getting models of color in ad campaigns it's wonderful that Franca Sozzani and Steven Meisel took courage in getting an issue dedicated to the model of color." —lightxposer

Best: Prada Spring 2009 campaign by Steven Meisel

"This is sheer brilliance... The clothes (and shoes!!) are gorgeous, the light and editing are great, all the girls look beautiful... I'm really excited about the rest!" —taben

Worst: Vogue April 2014, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West by Annie Leibovitz


"Now I have really lost my faith in Anna Wintour. Such a pointless cover. I thought Vogue US was a fashion magazine but I can't see this photo translating into a fashion image by any means. And they look lifeless and dull." —yesitsdagny

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