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The Gelcream-Approved Cuticle Oil Stephanie Has Started Using Religiously

Will this finally put an end to my lifelong cuticle struggle?
Uka Nail Oil, $36, available at Peach & Lily. Photo: Uka

Uka Nail Oil, $36, available at Peach & Lily. Photo: Uka

I've had a lifelong struggle with my cuticles. Obsessed with hand cream though I may be, let's just say I also tend to take out any stress and anxiety on my poor cuticles and leave it at that. I've recently added this roll-on cuticle oil from Uka to my hand-care regimen in the hopes that I'll finally be on my way to the moisturized, immaculately manicured cuticles of my dreams. (Beauty editors have weird-ass dreams, alright?)

Created by Tokyo-based nail artist Kiho Watanabe, the line of super-moisturizing argan-oil treatments — there are five different versions — come in chic glass vials with rollerball applicators, making the process of using them simultaneously indulgent and easy. Gelcream's Yana Sheptovetskaya (who is arguably the world's foremost hand selfie taker) told Fashionista it's her go-to product for maintaining perfect cuticles. That's really all I needed to know.

Each formula features a slightly different blend of oils (and therefore, a slightly different effect and scent; the "Basic" formula is the least potent, fragrance-wise). I like them all pretty much equally — so much so that I now have one stashed in my nightstand, my desk and even in my bag at all times. Peach & Lily sells each one individually, but you can also buy a full set of five over at The Line for $148 if you're really feeling like you want to make an investment in your cuticle health.

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Uka Nail Oil, $36, available at Peach & Lily

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