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Must Read: The Body Shop Calls for Ban on Animal Testing, NYFW Welcomes New International Designers

Plus, meet H&M's newest brand, Arket.

The Body Shop rallies to end international animal testing
An estimated 500,000 animals are used by cosmetics companies across the globe for cosmetics testing each year. But The Body Shop and Cruelty Free International want to change that. They've partnered up, creating a campaign and petition to be presented to the U.N. to ban the practice — which is currently legal in 80 percent of countries worldwide — entirely. Click here to sign your name. {Fashionista inbox}

IMG announces NYFW initiative for new international designers
In an effort to spotlight up-and-coming international designers during New York fashion week, IMG will host "NYFW: First Stage" — an event featuring more than 30 labels and a large runway space — from Sept. 7-11 at NYC's The Dream Hotel. Participating labels will be announced late this summer. {WWD}

The "drop" experience is evolving
In an effort to stand out from the crowd and help shoppers avoid insanely long lines, sneaker brands and boutiques are now enhancing the new product "drop" experience with contests, raffles, online reservations and even scavenger hunts. {WWD}

The top 15 merger and acquisition targets in beauty
Last year, L'Oréal and Estée Lauder each spent more than $1 billion adding smaller and independent beauty brands to their roster — and they show no signs of stopping. Business of Fashion rounded up the 15 most sought-after brands that have, so far, evaded acquisition by mega-corporations. {Business of Fashion}

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Forget makeup tutorials. These days, YouTubers seem more interested in crushing, smashing and ultimately destroying prestige and hard-to-find beauty products. The explanations behind the controversial trend vary, with some saying they find the visuals oddly calming, while others are more intent on exposing certain truths about the beauty industry, itself. {i-D}

What's Arket, anyway? 
H&M's 11th brand offering is Arket, a lifestyle brand that capitalizes on the minimalist Nordic roots of its Swedish parent company. Focusing on sustainability and quality, the brand — which falls somewhere between COS and & Other Stories on the trendiness scale — will open its first store in London later this year, along with an e-commerce shop. {Vogue UK}

Predicting fashion's next typeface obsession
So-called "heavy metal fonts" have dominated fashion graphics over the past few years, most notably on tour merch from the likes of Kanye West and Justin Bieber, but also on runway looks by Vetements and Balenciaga. What might be the next big trend in typeface? Hypebeast investigates. {Hypebeast}

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