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The 8 Summer Fashion Trends Everyone Is Searching for on the Internet Right Now

The data doesn't lie.
Photo: Imaxtree

Photo: Imaxtree

It feels like spring has only just begun, but here we are, post-Memorial Day and at the beginning of June. It's time to starting thinking about your summer wardrobe.

If you're stumped for ideas, then let the data lead the way — or, at least what everyone else is shopping for, according to Lyst, Polyvore and Pinterest. The online platforms filled us in on what their users are searching, posting and Pinning when it comes to getting dressed for the summer. Have you had a sudden desire to start wearing a Hawaiian shirt? Well, you're not alone. Read on to learn more.

Denim Skirts

We can only wear our vintage-style denim jeans for so long during the summer months, so a skirt version, similarly frayed along the edges, has been an increasingly popular alternative. Lyst has seen an increase in searches for "raw denim skirts" by 46 percent, and Pinterest is calling denim skirts "the new denim cutoff shorts" with searches on the site jumping by 51 percent compared to last year.

Hawaiian Shirts

Though menswear designers have been offering Hawaiian shirts covered in tropical prints for a few seasons, women have recently been looking for their own female-friendly version. According to Lyst, there have been more than 180,000 searches for Hawaiian shirts by women in the last month, with this Gap style added the most times to users' shopping carts. (It's a not-too-far-off version worn by Diane Kruger, by the way.) If you can't seem to find a Hawaiian shirt that you like, then take a tip from Tess Ward and borrow one from your rumored boyfriend Harry Styles.

One-Piece Swimsuits

It looks like we're swapping spring's favorite bodysuits for one-piece swimsuits come summer. We've noticed the bathing suit style's uptick in popularity since the beginning of the year, but with warmer months just around the corner, shoppers are really stocking up. (Us included, as you can see from our past Editors' Picks.) One-piece suits are the most popular swimwear search on Lyst, increasing in popularity over 232 percent, while Pinterest has seen a 143-percent rise from last year, as well as Polyvore at 25 percent. And with the recent release of "Baywatch" in movie theaters, red has been the top color of choice for this particular style.

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Gingham Prints

We see this checkered pattern make the summer shopping rounds every year, but it seems like 2017 is gingham's year. Pinterest saw a 100-percent growth in searches since 2016. On Instagram, we've been seeing a lot of dresses and off-the-shoulder tops sporting the pretty print, and we must admit it photographs so well.

Millennial Pink

Are you even surprised? Now that millennial pink is trending everywhere on the internet, including Pinterest, which has seen a whopping 2,400-percent jump in searches from last year, fashion brands and retailers are churning out the goods in everyone's favorite shade. Might we suggest a pair of rosé-tinted sneakers?

Fanny Packs

From Gucci's Cruise 2018 collection, a fanny pack emblazoned with a vintage-style logo made its debut on the runway, which we predict will be a best-selling accessory for the Italian fashion house. Other streetwear-savvy brands like Balenciaga, Kenzo, Alexander Wang and Louis Vuitton with Supreme have already made their own high-end versions of the fanny pack, and shoppers are taking notice. Lyst has seen a huge rise in searches by 262 percent. In just one week, 8,000 users were browsing online retailers for a fanny pack. They're cool now, people!

Straw Bags

Another Instagram-worthy item for your summer #content are straw bags. (They can also take a few spills of sand while you're on the beach, which means they're actually useful as well.) On Pinterest, searches have jumped by 125 percent while Polyvore notes 55 percent from last year.

Embellished Slides

Now is the not the time for your minimalist slides. The more embellished the slip-on sandal, the better, according to Pinterest's 150-percent spike in searches. Fur slides, specifically, have gained popularity by 327 percent on the visual online platform, but Polyvore has seen a massive rise in interest for pom pom sandals at a 1,043 percent (!) increase since 2016. 

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