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Whitney Found the Ideal Summer Dress for Non-Boho Gals

For all the non-Coachella-queens out there.
Wave dress, $88, available at Calle del Mar.

Wave dress, $88, available at Calle del Mar.

Why is it that every time the temperature rises, brands suddenly expect everyone to want to dress like a Coachella groupie? Sure, I might be more open to a tasseled earring or bright pattern in summer than I am any other time of year, but for the most part, I'm not much of a "boho babe." That's not my aesthetic in winter or fall, and it's not suddenly going to become my aesthetic just because we're in a warmer season.

The one thing that is really appealing to me about boho-y looks, though, is how the flowy styles are comfortable and wearable in a way that feels right for the picnicking, rooftop-lounging and boardwalk-visiting activities of summer. That's why I'm obsessed with this dress from made-in-Los Angeles label Calle del Mar. It has that carefree, laid-back vibe that boho styles so often promise, but the aesthetic is a whole lot more consistent with what I wear the rest of the year. Considering that this beauty is on sale (after I've been eyeing it for more than a year!), the temptation is stronger now than ever. I'd love to wear this with some high-top sneakers and a denim jacket every weekend between now and September.

Wave dress, $88, available at Calle del Mar.

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