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Calvin Klein Unearths Unseen '90s Kate Moss Footage for New 'Obsessed' Fragrance Campaign

It's great, but leaves us wondering why the campaign focuses on photographer Mario Sorrenti's experience of the iconic 1993 Obsession shoot and not Moss's.
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Photo: courtesy of Calvin Klein

Photo: courtesy of Calvin Klein

There should be a new tier above "supermodel" for living models that nab major campaign deals for which they don't even have to show up for a new photo shoot. In 1990, Linda Evangelista famously said, "We don't wake up for less than $10,000 a day," but Kate Moss didn't even have to wake up at all for her latest gig.

"She's magical, she's definitely a magical person, and at the time she didn't even know it. And I would just say to her, 'You have such an incredible presence and power and beauty,'" Mario Sorrenti says in a voiceover in the above video featuring never-before-seen, behind-the-scenes footage from Moss's iconic 1993 campaign for Calvin Klein's Obsession fragrance. Sorrenti and Moss, a couple at the time, were sent to the Virgin Islands alone — no photographic team, no hair and makeup crew and no art directors — for the photo shoot. You can tell in his nostalgic, sort-of heartbreaking commentary that, for him, a love story unfolded as they shot the ads. "I was 20; she was 18," he begins in another video. "There was nothing, you know, no worries. We had nothing; we had nothing to lose, you know what I mean? Those were good times."

Raf Simons decided to revisit the campaign to launch a new Calvin Klein fragrance, Obsessed, a reinvention of the original. "One of the first things we did when we arrived at Calvin Klein was look at the Obsession archive. It was then that we discovered so many images that had never been seen and began to really understand the true love story behind Kate and Mario’s campaign," said Simons in a statement. "It is a story of an iconic and inspiring moment in fashion photography as much as a deeply personal and human love story, the two are intertwined and can never really be replicated again." Sorrenti is also featured in the new ads for the men's version of Obsessed in photos Moss took during that Virgin Islands trip.

Photo: courtesy of Calvin Klein

Photo: courtesy of Calvin Klein

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"I was so passionate about photography, and Kate and I were in love... I loved photographing her," said Sorrenti. "She was the closest person to me. I would take pictures of her all of the time, and sometimes it drove her crazy, and other times she loved to be part of it. We had really good times. We were young, and I was never again so obsessed or so in love with photographing one person."

It sounds lovely, but Moss had a very different perspective about the campaign that made her famous: "I would wake up in the morning and he'd be taking pictures of me... I laid like that for 10 days, he would not stop taking pictures of that," she said in a 2015 interview with Nick Knight. She said she felt that in their relationship, he started "abusing that relationship of being like, 'I want you to do this, I want you to do that,'" beyond what she ultimately felt comfortable with. That Simons and Calvin Klein chose to romanticize the situation by telling only Sorrenti's side of the story is... interesting.

Anyway, another crazy thing about this is it's not the first time that '90s Kate Moss has gotten a modern-day campaign without lifting a finger. Adidas did this about a year ago to promote its Gazelle sneaker. I think it's safe to say it worked that time — I, for one, immediately went out and bought a pair — so there's a good chance it will work this time around, too. WWD predicts the men's and women's fragrances could do $50 million at retail in their first year.

And if any other brands want to release more unseen '90s Kate Moss footage, we are 100 percent here for it.

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