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The Huaraches That Could Actually Convince Whitney to Wear Rainbow Colors

That's not usually my thing, but I could make an exception for these.
Bravo huarache in rainbow leather, $105, available at Deeohs

Bravo huarache in rainbow leather, $105, available at Deeohs

Having grown up in a tropical setting that literally has two seasons — rainy season and hot season — I haven't been huge on the whole "adjusting my color palette based on the time of year" thing in the past. My style was my style all year long, and there weren't big reasons to adjust that based on the month. To a large degree, that's still true even now that I live in New York; if I wear certain colors in winter, chances are I wear them in the summer, too. 

But I have to admit that there's something about the sun coming out and the flowers blooming after a long, gray winter that does make me want to celebrate with a little more color than usual. Sure, I wear white sneakers to work most days in the summer, but these handmade, vegetable-tanned huaraches from Mexico-based brand Deeohs could convince me to change things up. I love that they look like some weird thrift store treasure or the kind of thing you'd find in your eccentric aunt's attic from her college days. Paired with cropped wide-leg pants and a funky printed top, these would be just the right mix of kooky and wearable.

Bravo huarache in rainbow leather, $105, available at Deeohs

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