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Tyler's Summery Citrus Accessory

Because citrus fruit makes literally everything better.
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J.Crew Lemon-print bandana, $12.50, available at J.Crew

J.Crew Lemon-print bandana, $12.50, available at J.Crew

For reasons I don't fully comprehend (perhaps my Florida upbringing?), I have a pretty major attraction to all things citrus. There isn't much that a well-placed citrus fruit can't make better, whether that's a summer cocktail or a poppy print. 

Leave it to J.Crew to understand me. The brand currently has a number of items covered in a bright lemon print, but it's this bandana that really calls to me. I love the thought of adding it to an otherwise plain outfit to add just the right amount of quirk, like the splash of lime that brightens up a basic gin and tonic. 

J.Crew Lemon-print bandana, $12.50, available at J.Crew

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