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Must Read: Carla Fendi Passes Away, Ken Dolls Get A Diversity Makeover

Plus, Amazon launches a try-before-you-buy feature.
Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Tuesday.

Carla Fendi passes away at age 79
One of the five sisters that propelled Italian luxury label Fendi to its current place of global influence, Carla Fendi was perhaps the best-known face of the brand. She passed away on Tuesday at age 79. {Business of Fashion}

Ken dolls get a diversity makeover
Barbie dolls with new heights, skin colors and body types were introduced in January, and now it's Ken's turn to get a modern makeover: Mattel is debuting new versions of Ken that are corn-rowed, man-bunned, pan-racial and in possession of something other than an Olympic water polo player's physique. {GQ}

Amazon debuts try-before-you-buy service with Prime Wardrobe
Amazon is beta testing Prime Wardrobe, a service that will allow Prime subscribers to have clothing shipped to them for free and only be charged for items they keep. Shoppers will receive a 10 percent discount for keeping three pieces and a 20 percent discount off five or more. {WWD}

M.Gemi looks to scale with $16 million in new funding
Direct-to-consumer shoe brand M.Gemi has wooed investors with its combination of "art and science" and has doubled its sales every year since launching. Having just raised $16 million in Series C funding, the brand is now looking to expand even further. {Business of Fashion}

Makeup artist Violette signs on as global beauty director for Estée Lauder
French makeup artist Violette will now work on product development, PR initiatives, content creation and more in her new role as global beauty director for Estée Lauder. "As a talented makeup artist and lifestyle influencer with a passion for art and color, Violette brings a unique voice and perspective to beauty," said global brand president Stephane de La Faverie in a statement. {Fashionista inbox}

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Mobile is the future, says Facebook
Not only are we living in a digital world, but it's increasingly a digital world experienced through our phone screens, according to Facebook exec Karin Tracy. To reach the next generation, focusing on video content and creating what feels like a "one-on-one" relationship with customers through tools like chatbots will be important for brands, she claimed. {WWD}

Emily Weiss on what's behind the success of Into the Gloss and Glossier
Beauty mogul Emily Weiss says that user-generated content and co-creation have been essential to Glossier's success, noting that the brand has relied on customers as its primary influencers and advertisers and that Into the Gloss's robust comment section helps create a sense of real community rather than a one-way monologue. {WWD}

Inside Proenza Schouler's new business strategy
Proenza Schouler is shifting from presenting four seasons a year to two, showing in Paris to increase its reach outside the U.S. and diversifying its offerings to make sure it's not too dependent on any one product. Add to that a new CEO and you've got a big brand pivot, indeed. {Business of Fashion}

Seed Beauty says spending nothing on marketing is the way to go
Seed Beauty, the company behind Kylie Cosmetics and ColourPop, says that spending money on traditional marketing is a waste, as younger consumers ignore it anyway. Instead of trying to forecast trends ahead of time, the company's founders say it's more important to be able to respond quickly to consumer feedback in real time. {WWD}

Elle Fanning and Kirsten Dunst talk about Sofia Coppola and their off-screen friendship
Elle Fanning and Kirsten Dunst, who both star in Sofia Coppola's latest film "The Beguiled," talk about their real-life friendship and why they admire Coppola so much in an interview with Dazed. The accompanying photographs, shot by Ryan McGinley, feature the two stars wearing designer garb while swimming and filming with an old-school digital camcorder. {Dazed}

Vogue and Soludos partner on anniversary capsule
In celebration of Vogue's 125th anniversary, the publication teamed up with shoe brand Soludos to create two pairs of embroidered floral espadrilles, available online. {Fashionista inbox}

Joan Smalls to make her acting debut alongside Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs
Joan Smalls will join the ranks of models who can add acting to their resume, as she'll make her acting debut on Netflix in a rom-com film called "Set It Up." Smalls will star alongside Zoey Deutch, Lucy Liu, Glen Powell and Taye Diggs in the feature film, which will come out next year. {Deadline}

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