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The Easy White Sneakers Maura Wears Basically Every Day in the Summer

Please meet my go-tos.
Kenneth Cole "Kam" leather sneaker, $120, available at Kenneth Cole.

Kenneth Cole "Kam" leather sneaker, $120, available at Kenneth Cole.

Now comes the time in our Editors' Picks column where we all very visibly have summer on the brain. Alyssa's out here writing about airy shirtdresses; Stephanie's talking about her favorite seasonal nail polish; Tyler's trying out denim cutoffs — particularly, the specific cutoffs that we at Fashionista love. For my part, I'll discuss the shoes that swaddle my feet nearly every day, all summer long.

Having lived in New York for several years now, I've learned the hard (re: nasty) way that I'd prefer I don't do full-on sandals in this city — it's very dirty here! — so I often turn to sneakers. Last summer, I bought a pair of flat white leather sneakers that got me through May, June, July, August and September, and I loved them so much that I truly wore them to shreds. In searching for a replacement for 2017, I came across these puppies, which also come in a range of seven other colors if you understandably fret about keeping white shoes white. I have nothing else to say besides the fact that they're excellent and I don't know where I'd be without them. (Probably wearing sandals, having dirty New York feet.)

Kenneth Cole "Kam" leather sneaker, $120, available at Kenneth Cole.

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