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All of the KKW Beauty Contour Kit Shades Have Already Sold Out [UPDATED]

Just as the reality star/mogul herself predicted.
Photo: Courtesy of KKW Beauty

Photo: Courtesy of KKW Beauty

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Kim Kardashian's epically on-brand makeup line, KKW Beauty, officially launched on Wednesday with a range of blush-toned contour kits. And, as the reality star/mogul herself predicted, it sold out in a matter of minutes. Well, two of the shades did, at least.

At a launch event for the line on Tuesday, Fashionista's own Dhani Mau asked Kardashian if she had an estimate for how quickly the products might sell out. "I would hope so quickly.... I should be really confident. Let's say minutes.... I hope so," she said.

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The first shade to sell out was Medium, which was already gone in the first 15 minutes, as Kardashian herself excitedly reported on Twitter:

That was followed closely by Light, which was sold out after about 10 more minutes:

It's fair to assume that the remaining shades, Dark and Deep Dark, won't be available for much longer, so you may want scoop up your contour kit from the Kontour Kween stat.

UPDATE, Wed. June 21, 2:38 p.m.: Both Dark and Deep Dark have officially sold out, which means all four shades were gone less than three hours after the initial launch. So yes, technically these products all sold out in "minutes," (158 of them, to be specific), just as Kardashian had predicted. Not too shabby. 

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