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Mario Testino's Niece Marina Testino Just Signed with The Society Management

Another day, another famous fashion family member being snatched up by a talent agency.

In a slight variation on the theme of "famous people whose kids are inevitably signed to a modeling agency," legendary photographer Mario Testino's niece Marina Testino just signed with The Society Management's "Creatives" roster. Which is all to say, though you may not have heard of her yet — she's got less than 3,000 followers on Instagram at the moment, so we're sort of guessing you haven't — you will soon enough. 

The recent Parsons graduate studied fashion marketing, but she is already dipping her toes into both photography (a la her uncle Mario) and fashion design, much like her aunt Giuliana Testino, who has an eponymous fashion label. Having grown up in a smattering of international cities from New York to Paris to Barcelona, Marina is now in Lima, Peru, where she is "working on a collaborative capsule collection" and "working to produce digital assets for fashion campaigns in New York," according to a release from The Society. 

If it all sounds a little vague at the moment, have no fear: The fact that Marina joins the likes of Amandla Stenberg and Teyana Taylor on The Society's "Creatives" roster means you'll probably be seeing plenty more concrete output from her soon. Consider this proof that a famous name still outweighs a famous Instagram handle, at least some of the time. 

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