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Is NYFW Being Relocated Again in 2018?

The CFDA is reportedly eyeing new venues for both the men's and women's shows, though Skylight Group says it's working to keep them stationed at its Clarkson Square space.
Anna Sui's collection on the runway at Skylight Clarkson Sq in February. Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Anna Sui's collection on the runway at Skylight Clarkson Sq in February. Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

It was just two years ago that New York Fashion Week moved from its location at Lincoln Center, and now things might be shifting again, though details are still vague. WWD reports that beginning with New York Fashion Week: Men's in January 2018, shows will no longer be stationed at Skylight Clarkson Sq, which has served as the primary show location since 2015

As a result, the CFDA will "re-examine" the way that shows are presented in 2018. CFDA CEO Steven Kolb says the shows will thus be "decentralized," but seems confident that the change need not be viewed as negative for NYFW, even if it means less convenience for attendees. 

"The official venue of New York Fashion Week is New York City," said Kolb. He also asserted that the rather significant subsidizing of fashion shows by the CFDA that had happened for designers who showed at Skylight will continue, in spite of the loss of a "home base" for the week. The WWD article also notes that New York Fashion Week: Men's lost Amazon Fashion as a primary sponsor.

"Our support to the designers is just evolving," said CFDA VP of marketing Mark Beckham. 

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The CFDA is currently in the process of scouting a variety of locations throughout the city, from hotels to galleries, that might together make up an appropriate replacement for the lost spaces at Skylight Clarkson Sq. 

"The entire fashion week landscape is going through tremendous evolution and we want to be sensitive to the needs of the designers and be cost-effective," noted Beckham. "So if a designer is creating an original film, perhaps they can look at a screening room. If they're planning a casual presentation, maybe an amazing penthouse would be better."

That said, the CFDA — though it controls the Fashion Calendar — hadn't been involved in the contractual agreements with Skylight and is not technically the final decision-making authority on where NYFW events are held. Reached for comment, Skylight Group CEO Stephanie Blake (who appears to have taken over the role in the wake founder Jennifer Blumin's recent disappearance) contradicted Kolb and Beckham, telling Fashionista, "As the leading innovator and activator of iconic city landmarks including Moynihan Station, the High Line, 23 Wall, Skylight Modern, Skylight One Hanson, Skylight Soho, Ghirardelli Square, and many others, Skylight Group is wholly committed to keeping New York Fashion Week at Skylight Clarkson Square." She added that Skylight Group is "working very closely with the site’s property owners to extend our agreement."

A spokesperson for the CFDA was not immediately available for comment on the changes.

Note: This story was updated to include official quotes from Skylight Group and reflect changes to the original WWD article, which had been partially inaccurate.

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