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Runway to Rih-Way: See Everything Rihanna Wears in Her New Video with DJ Khaled

Why be nakey, nakey, naked when you've got so many designer duds?

My favorite mornings are the ones when I wake up thinking it's just a run-of-the-mill kinda day, and then, boom! There's a new Rihanna song. Even better, this one's already got a video! It's also Friday. So all in all, this morning is a #goodmorning. 

Said new song, "Wild Thoughts" (which is technically by Snapchat superstar DJ Khaled and features Rihanna, along with Bryson Tiller) sounds like the result of a one-night stand between "Work" and Santana's 1999 jam "Maria Maria" — automatically making it a major contender for the all-important song of the summer, regardless of how many lyrics are going to get bleeped out on the radio. For real though, "Wild Thoughts," alone, may boost the American economy by providing countless jobs to underemployed censors. 

Rihanna Balenciaga

Look 1: Runway (Balenciaga) vs Rih-way. 

But let's talk about the fashion, because in this video — as per usual with Rihanna — there's a lot of it. Things kick off with Rih and Khaled getting rowdy at a night-time street party in Miami (which I assume is a regular occurrence IRL). The songstress is wearing an outfit that literally no one else in the universe could pull off, though your free-spirited aunt may try: A cropped sheer orange peasant top (identified by @HausofRihanna as vintage Betsey Johnson), clear Karen Walker aviators, massive gold door knocker earrings by Lynn Ban, green floral leggings and matching boots from Balenciaga's Spring 2017 collection, a lime green Versace belt, and a headscarf that doesn't quite match the Balenciaga — but hey, it's close enough. The real star of this outfit, though, is Rih's nipple ring. Censors must hate her!

Rihanna Alberta Ferretti

Look 2: Runway (Alberta Ferretti) vs Rih-way.

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Rih's second look is a lot more wearable, but just as glorious: A floaty turquoise peasant dress from Alberta Ferretti's Spring 2017 show, paired with some blinged-out gladiator sandals from Rihanna's own collaboration with Manolo Blahnik and, again, loads of jewelry from Lynn Ban. Based on all the activities it's able to withstand — sexy wall sits, vintage fan blowing, general bed writhing — this outfit is very versatile. It's also what Rihanna wears while Bryson Tiller sits above a store that sells both beer and beauty products and raps about all the sweet things he wants to do to Ms. Fenty, like cremating her insides with his love. Aw! 

Matthew Adams Dolan Rihanna

Look 3: Runway (Matthew Adams Dolan) vs Rih-way.

For her third and final "Wild Thoughts" look, Rihanna wears an oversize yellow nylon shirt and cargo pants by buzzy Australian-American designer (and Rih-Rih fave) Matthew Adams Dolan. This outfit immediately brought me back to TLC's "Creep" video, when they're all in unbuttoned silky pajamas — a look that singer Halsey more blatantly referenced at this year's Grammy Awards. 

In "Wild Thoughts," Rihanna wears her swishy pants to dance awkwardly with her cohorts beneath fireworks, and honestly, I think she might be onto something. I'd much rather wear giant lightweight clothing on the Fourth of July than cutoffs that ride up between my thighs and a whole can of OFF! mosquito repellant. Thanks for the inspo, Rih! Now I just need to find the nearest Big & Tall...

(H/T @HausofRihanna for so many of the fashion credits!)

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