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St. Vincent Has a New Look and I Am Freaking Out

Mom is back!

In the landscape of celebrity style, there remain a few bright, shining stars who follow the beat of their own drum, bastions of individual light in an otherwise dim, mermaid-hemmed sky. St. Vincent, i.e. Annie Clark, is one of the M.V.P.s in this space, experimenting with everything from bleached eyebrows and dark lips to billowing pants and silky mules from Chanel.

But recently, there has been a St. Vincent-shaped hole on red carpets everywhere. Fans like myself hoped this was because she was holed away in a studio working on what will surely be the album of the fucking century — and lo, on Wednesday came news that our favorite sartorial wizard will be hitting the road again soon, the surest sign of new music to come. [Insert entire paragraph of praying hands emojis here.] 

Along with new music comes a new look; it seems that, as was the case with her Grammy-winning album "St. Vincent," her forthcoming musical project has inspired a style refresh. In a new promotional image from her Instagram, Clark stands against a bright pink background — single-handedly dealing the death knell to millennial pink once and for all! — wearing a low-cut lace body suit, black miniskirt with "EXTRAVAGANT" blinged on the waistband and what appears to be a pair of purple Balenciaga thigh highs. My god! How lucky are we to be alive?! 

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There's more: In a video announcing her new tour, "Fear the Future," the pink background remains, which is all the better to set off Clark's acid green, sparkly jacket and bodycon vinyl skirt set. Her curly hair is set in a sleek bob, and her lips are painted a pink that matches the set. Can you believe she just invented pink lipstick?

There's no news yet on new music, but honestly, these two style moments have revived me and will sustain me in the wait to come. If these are signs of Clark's new sartorial stage, there isn't much to fear in our future — at least not as far as fashion in concerned. The rest of the world, sadly, is still a trash fire. 

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