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Fashion Is Fun, and So Is This Hand-Beaded Watermelon Bag of Maura's Dreams

Susan Alexandra Watermelon Dream Clutch, $145, available at Susan Alexandra.

Susan Alexandra Watermelon Dream Clutch, $145, available at Susan Alexandra.

A few weeks ago, my right thumb was making its usual end-of-day, zombie-like rounds on Instagram when I saw something that stopped my scrolling dead in its tracks. That something was this watermelon bag that adorned the arm of Refinery29's fantastic Alyssa Coscarelli (@alyssainthecity) on a recent trip to Miami. I immediately went about my usual Insta-stalking regimen, which includes tapping over to the tagged handle (@susan_alexandra) and checking out its inventory before heading to its respective e-commerce site. That evening, I did just that, and let me tell you — I fell in love.

I mean, there's a reason why this bag is called the "Dream" clutch. Not only is it hand-beaded right here in New York — and I always like to support local artists — but it's a cute, joyful reminder that fashion really is supposed to be fun! (Lighten up, it's just fashion, and all of that.) It's lined, too, so your goodies won't be visible to those in the outside world as is often the case with beaded purses. This bag is going to haunt me every single day until I buy it, so I should just do it already, right?

In the meantime, here's a cute recipe for watermelon popsicles I'll be making to fill the hole in my heart.

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