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AMPR Is Hiring A Social Media / Content Creation Manager And Seeking Interns In West Hollywood, CA

AMPR is looking to fill a full-time position in content creation and social media management. Also looking for Fall interns.
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AMPR is looking to fill a full-time position in content creation and social media management. Also looking for Fall interns.

Social media/Content Creation Position

We are a unique boutique agency located in the heart of Hollywood, California. Our agency focuses on beauty, fashion, and hospitality clients while managing a complete fashion PR showroom in the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. We provide innovative and result driven marketing tactics that set us apart from other corporate type marketing agencies. We are currently seeking an addition to our team that will be able to take over our social media and content creation department.

Requirements are as follows:

  • Trained photographer (content creator)
  • Trained in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and Indesign
  • Brand Content Creator (includes fashion, beauty, and hospitality brands)
  • Trained Graphic Designer with quick turnaround times for digital invites, menus etc
  • Social Media Management that has both a visual eye but logistic understanding
  • Owning a professional camera is a PLUS!
  • Videographer super PLUS!

Responsibilities include:

  • Creating content with professional camera for all brands (fashion, beauty, and hospitality) capturing the client's overall vision for their social media pages and small shoots for lookbooks/linesheets. Scouting locations and working remote for day and event shoots as needed.
  • Organizing images in addition to editing, filtering, making it match the current aesthetic of our social pages.
  • Scheduling all social media posts on a 30 day schedule, adding captions,utilising specific hashtags, tags, and popular times for posting. Knowledge in hootsuite is a plus
  • Engaging with fans on social media platforms, responding to comments, liking, following, unfollowing as needed. Accepting DM's on pages and responding to all. Being the “personality” behind the brands.
  • Actively posting upcoming events for hospitality clients on social platforms such as: Facebook, LinkedIn, Eventbrite, etc.
  • Creating graphic fliers for all upcoming events and activations, distributing via social media and online web pages.
  • Creating seasonal menus and signage for hospitality brands as needed.
  • Must create their own calendar of deadlines and to do lists once delivered. Someone who needs little direction and is a self-starter. Can eventually make your own schedule as long as deadlines and projects get completed.


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Flat Monthly rate but can be paid every 2 weeks

About 40 hours a week + some weekends to cover live events


ASHLEY MICHAELSEN is looking for organized, motivated, self-starter interns to ideally start in Mid August in a range of roles. Interns will work hands on with the owner in a variety of roles pertaining to Fashion Marketing/PR/Fashion Design/Social media and event planning.

We are located in our showroom/office in the heart of Hollywood, CA. Open to both part time and full-time.

Looking for a 3 + month internship who has experience and interest in the below:

  • Event Planning and Coordinating
  • Social media interest
  • Content creator
  • Fashion Styling Interest
  • Fashion PR
  • Searching and organizing press clippings
  • Working with stylists/editors on studio pulls
  • Visually merchandising the showroom
  • Keeping Inventory organized in showroom
  • Sourcing contacts

Please send resumes/cover letters to: and please CC

We are looking to take in person interviews only and as soon as possible. We want to hire by end of July.