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The Beauty at Chanel's Fall 2017 Couture Show Melded Creativity With Classic Elegance

A new iteration of the French twist, watercolor eyes and plenty of hats made for quite the dramatic runway.
The beauty look from Chanel Haute Couture's Fall 2017 show. Photo: Imaxtree

The beauty look from Chanel Haute Couture's Fall 2017 show. Photo: Imaxtree

As is the case for nearly any Karl Lagerfeld affair, Chanel Haute Couture's Fall 2017 runway show on Tuesday in Paris was an elaborate event. (This even despite the fact that there were no rockets present this time around, though the venue was indeed the same.) Rather than incorporate a working spacecraft, Lagerfeld chose to hold the show beneath a custom-built Eiffel Tower. No one ever said he was a minimalist.

That same patently Chanel aesthetic was palpable throughout every element of the show, from the casting of house-favorite models to the prominence of the accessories — and also the hair and makeup, which, in true Chanel fashion, melded a certain edgy artfulness with classic elegance.

The hair, styled by Sam McKnight, was pure refinement: Each model wore a bowler derby hat, beneath which fell a medium-length twisted and looped ponytail. The style — though very much a ponytail, rather than an updo — is reminiscent of the French twist, but with a decidedly more modern feel. To make sure every hair was in place, the ponytails were encased in invisible hairnets, which, from the runway, created a perfectly cohesive effect. (Though some models with short hair, like Cara Taylor, above, wore their natural length and styles.)

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Photo: Imaxtree

Photo: Imaxtree

McKnight relied on his own eponymous line of styling products to create the look, noting on Instagram that he used Easy Updo and a spritz of Modern Hairspray. (His products are not currently available in the U.S.)

Tom Pecheux's artful makeup look was all about the eyes. Never one to shy away from color, he seemed to use every shade in his palette for this occasion, applying them in a color-blocked, yet blended manner, creating an end result that resembled stained glass or watercolors. The bold, cheerful shades — primary yellow, magenta, royal blue, grassy green — served as a nice foil to the collection itself, which was full of blacks, grays and navies.

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