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The One Mascara That Might Make Tyler Throw Out All of Her Others

This may be the one that gets me to settle down.
Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara, $26, available at Net-a-Porter.

Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara, $26, available at Net-a-Porter.

When it comes to beauty products, I'm definitely a loyalist: I've been using the same Chanel foundation and Nars blush for years now because I trust that they will make my face look exactly how I want it to look when I'm wearing makeup. I'm a bit more flexible with mascara, though: While I love Chanel Inimitable and DiorShow as much as the next person, I'm happy to swipe whatever mascara samples have come through the office. 

Thanks to one of those samples, however, I think I may have found my Forever Mascara. I was running low when Eyeko sent its new Lash Alert formula to Fashionista. Truthfully, my expectations for mascara are pretty low — I want it to be black, and not leave my lashes clumpy — but I became instantly obsessed with this one. The brush is curved, which makes it easier to apply to my lashes and leaves them looking longer and fuller without even a hint of clumping or sticking. Supposedly, it also promotes growth, though I haven't been using it quite long enough yet to put that claim to the test. 

Regardless of future growth potential, I love this formula so much that I may leave my flighty mascara ways behind and finally commit. Eyeko, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara, $26, available at Net-a-Porter.

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