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Glossier Is Taking the Next Step on Its Way to Global Domination

The cool-girl beauty brand is officially going international.

By just about any approximation, Glossier is one of the buzziest up-and-coming beauty brands right now; as a beauty editor, it's without a doubt the one I'm asked about most often, whether by friends looking for product recommendations or by those in the industry trying to get a better understanding of the young company's unique journey to success. But despite its seeming ubiquity in New York City and an impressive social media presence, the brand has a long way to go in terms of becoming a power player in the industry, and when the news came in April that Glossier had received a major vote of support (in the form of $3 million in tax credits) from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, it was clear that some major expansion would be coming soon.

On Wednesday, Glossier Founder and CEO Emily Weiss took to her site Into the Gloss to announce news that the company would officially be going international. By the end of the month, Glossier will be launching in Canada (with the exception of Québec). The brand will have its first international office in Montréal with a "whole team of native French speakers" working to establish a French language site. Next up, according to Weiss, will be expansion into the UK, though she doesn't provide a specific timeline, and finally into France in 2018.

In Weiss's post, she stresses that the expansion will be done with intention and "perhaps a bit slowly... at first" so that the brand can stay mindful of each local market and customers there. "Our message has always transcended borders and cultures and is central to who we are as a brand. With that in mind, every time we launch in a new place, we want to get to know every new market just as well as we've gotten to know our US crowd over the past few years," she writes. Weiss also notes that the brand does not plan to expand into any country that requires animal testing, such as China.

It may seem like small steps for Glossier, but Weiss notes that the business will become an increasingly international one in the future: "We can't make any guarantees yet, but we're working our hardest to make Glossier global." 

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