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Gucci's Animal of Choice For Its Fall 2017 Campaign Is a Cow

And dinosaurs, aliens, space travel, a UFO... all wrapped up into one sci-fi-heavy campaign.

Under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele, Gucci's ad campaigns have always been a visually stunning trip that we look forward to every season. And recently, the Italian fashion house has found its winning formula: tease the campaign with audition clips, choose a fun setting, make a complementary video with a catchy soundtrack and showcase a few memorable animals. (Previously, Gucci has casted lions, tigers, flamingos and iguanas, to name a few.) By then, the coveted clothes and accessories are just an added bonus.

In the case of Gucci's Fall 2017 campaign, revealed on Tuesday, those audition clips had aliens; the setting involved fleeing Earth and space travel; you can watch the sci-fi-meets-fashion film above; and there are some very chic cows involved.

Shot by Glen Luchford, Michele's best runway collection to date is placed in an intergalactic world inspired by sci-fi motifs from the '50s and '60s. The brand also took heavy inspiration from "Star Trek," recreating the show's signature elements, like the Enterprise, its transporter and bridge for a Gucci'ed out Starfleet crew. If Michele has taken his latest campaign out of this world, who knows where he'll go to next?

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See more images from the campaign in the gallery below.

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