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Hypebeast Has Launched Hypekids, a Children's Fashion and Lifestyle Publication

It's targeted toward the Hypebeast readers who now have little Hypebabies of their own, and want to stay clued in on the culture as a family.
Photo: Heir via Hypekids

Photo: Heir via Hypekids

Thanks in part to a childrenswear boom that's led luxury brands like Balmain, Givenchy, Emilio Pucci, Gucci and more to expand their kids' offerings — as well as the popularity of well-dressed little ones like North West, Blue Ivy Carter and a bevy of Instagram-famous babies who help drive both trends and sales — there seem to be more options for on-trend children's clothes than ever before. And as people who are clued in to fashion and culture begin to have children themselves, the desire pass on this interest and to dress their kids in similar (often matching) styles is on the rise, too. But where does one go to learn when the next Kids Supply drop is, how to buy a tricked-out Bape stroller, or the latest sneaker brand to release a limited-edition style in mini-sizes? Digital media giant Hypebeast is hoping its newest site, Hypekids, will be where cool parents around the world turn.

"Hypekids was inspired by the growth and needs of our consumers who began having kids of their own and in search of a platform that truly showcased their youth-minded spirit, chronicling the trends, brands, gadgets, toys, and interests of kids globally, targeted specifically for the Hypebeast world," CEO Kevin Ma told Fashionista via email from Hong Kong on Monday. "We've seen e-commerce platforms introduce a streetwear mentality to the kids' market, along with all the larger sneaker brands like Jordan [creating] their own kids' lines. Hypekids was inspired by this growing shift towards a full family marketplace, and we wanted to apply our own expertise in street culture across all ages."

The site's editorial scope will be similar to that of Hypebeast, with content covering a varied price point (from casual streetwear to high-end fashion), and aims to create a social media community to help new parents both connect with and inspire each other. "Kids these days are growing up in a 'lifestyle culture' where fashion, music, sports and [pop] culture are so intertwined as to be inseparable," Ma explained. "This allows designers to have more [freedom] with design and incorporate different aesthetics into their products. We'll be looking at how kids' designers make references to music, cartoons and pop culture in designs that are also comfortable and practical for the rough-and-tumble activities of the active child."

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As the Hypebeast and Hypebae progeny grow up, parents can stay clued in on what's trending for kids — whether that's a well-designed suitcase that transforms into a toy or a new generation release of a classic video game — and certain clothing and accessories releases that might be of more interest to the adults dressing them. "Major sneaker brands are already releasing family packages regularly as well as dabbling with kids' sneaker customization to in an effort to put themselves ahead of the competition. We think the pace of commercial development in this area will only increase as brands become more creative and innovative," Ma said. And because you're never too young for an unboxing video, Hypekids has partnered with Kids Footlocker on a "series of youth-oriented unboxing videos" for the launch. Hey, if you couldn't snag a pair of the latest Yeezys for yourself, the next best thing is getting them for your kid, right?

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