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The Non-Greasy, Brightening Hydration Miracle Steph Can't Stop Using Right Now

It's one addictively fun skin-care product.
Pixi Rose Caviar Essence, $24, available at Target.

Pixi Rose Caviar Essence, $24, available at Target.

Summer is a time when I tend to stay away from most face creams and lotions and rely more on essences for moisturizing. However, the liquid-y kinds tend to be annoying and wasteful (I'm a spiller!) and often feel like they're evaporating before they really soak in. That's why I'm a huge fan of Pixi's new Rose Caviar Essence, a super-light gel formula that's an all-around pleasure to use.

I'll admit it: I was immediately drawn to this product when it came across my desk in a mailing from the brand because of what it looks like. The bouncy, clear gel is speckled with tiny pink spheres. Who wouldn't want to immediately try that out? And I wasn't disappointed. The formula melts into a liquid as you massage it in; the tiny spheres (which are actually encapsulated rose oil) burst on contact, delivering the ingredient to skin. (Encapsulation is important because it helps keep ingredients fresh and therefore potent.) 

Don't let the fact that there is, in fact, oil in this formula fool you: It's not the least bit greasy. It does, however, deliver an instant dose of non-slick moisture, and you can tell it really does penetrate because skin is markedly softer after application. The mulberry extract is said to create a brightening effect with continued use, but I also notice that the faint pink tint of the rose oil beads counteracts any sallowness in my skin instantly.

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For those of you wondering: Yes, the rose scent is certainly present, but it's not overpoweringly floral or cloying (I'm not much of a rose lover myself). And the dewy results make a little rose aroma well worth enduring.

Oh, and another reason this product is perfect for summer? It kinda looks like a watermelon. 

Pixi Rose Caviar Essence, $24, available at Target.

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